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Building a new home can be a complicated process, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide so you know exactly what to expect, and what you need to do along the way.


Pre-construction phase

It’s important to make sure everything is in place before
construction begins – your Hickinbotham consultant will ensure
your home is just the way you want it and includes everything you
need. Construction will only take place based on the approved
plans. This will ensure your build happens on time and without compromising on a quality finish.

1. Signing the contract and putting down your deposit

Owning your home is becoming a reality! Once you’ve decided on your home design, your Hickinbotham consultant will take you through all the relevant paperwork so you can sign contract documents and organise your home deposit.

2. Master plans, construction footing report and council approvals

The master plans for your home are prepared while Hickinbotham’s consulting engineers gather information for your construction footing report, a report that guides the construction team in preparing the land and foundations for your home. Once master plans are received, around three weeks will be needed for the engineer to finalise the construction footing report, based on the master plans.

Hickinbotham will take care of lodging your application to Council and associated authorities in order to obtain relevant approvals. Council approval might involve a septic approval and encumbrance approval. The team will begin the process of costing your site works and footings.

3. Finalising materials and colours

Once you’ve received your master plans, you can book an appointment with one of Hickinbotham’s Design Consultants to select the finishes for your home.

You can use the Guide to Selections or look through the Design Studio before your appointment if you’re looking for inspiration.

4. Proof of approvals and ownership

You’ll need to supply formal financial approval from your lender along with formal proof of land ownership.

While finance pre-approval will give you an initial budget to work within, applying for and obtaining formal financial approval from your lender is best done after you have finalised all relevant costings – site works, footings and the finishes you’ve chosen.

For proof of land ownership, either a letter of settlement or a land title showing the property address with you as owner can be submitted.

Around this time, Hickinbotham will receive approvals from the council and associated authorities.

5. Sign off and all systems go

Now that you’re happy with your master plans, site plan and finishes, Hickinbotham will perform a final check over all contract documents, prepare construction files and place orders for building materials.

Once everything is checked off and signed, Hickinbotham will issue you with an ‘OK to Start’ date and construction of your home can begin!

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Construction phase

Your Site Supervisor and Construction Manager will oversee your
home build to ensure it adheres to the highest quality assurance
guidelines, and construction is handled from foundation to finish
by the best trades available. You’ll see your future home take shape
in five stages:

1. Footings

Your concrete slab is laid, ready to build on.

2. Frame

Carpenters start their work, putting up wall frames and roof trusses.

3. Brickwork

Brickwork, roof tiles, external doors and windows added. Your home is ‘locked up’ before the next stage begins!

4. Fixing

Interior and exterior details, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and exterior architraves, are added.

5. Completion and handover

All the final touches are added – shower screens, painting and tiling. You can start preparing for your move! Once construction is finished, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your home with your Site Supervisor and make sure everything is just as it should be. Then we’ll arrange handover, so you can move in.


As your new home ‘settles’, it’s not unusual for a few minor items to require attention. So, we’ll give you the opportunity to report any concerns in the first three months after handover.

Your footings and frames are covered by our 25-Year Structural Guarantee, so you can rest assured that your new investment will be protected even longer.



Contact us online or call 1300 724 663 to have your questions answered by a Hickinbotham Consultant.


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