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Property Investors


Have a question about property investment? Here are the most commonly asked questions.

Why should I invest in property?

Property investment is a tried-and-true investment option that’s historically proven to be more stable and more predictable than many other investments. Overall property values rarely fluctuate like the stock market can, and most often increase, so you’ll likely benefit from a good return on your investment and stable cash flow from incoming rent payments.  

I’m from overseas. Can I still invest in a property in South Australia?

Australian citizens and Permanent Residents can buy investment properties, but international visa holders may need to follow a different process. Please read the FAQs on the Australian Government Foreign Investment Review Board website.

Which suburbs in South Australia does Hickinbotham build in?

Hickinbotham builds properties for customers throughout South Australia. You’ll also find house and land packages available in sought-after areas across metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula and Victor Harbor, to name just a few. Find out where we’re building communities.

Do you only build new homes in developments?

In addition to building in developments, Hickinbotham can build on land you already have and are subdividing, or on your property as part of a knock-down rebuild project.

Can Hickinbotham give me investment advice?

Yes! Our team of investment specialists is happy to answer your questions, whether you’re investing for the first time or adding to your property portfolio. We can help you find the right property investment option and best loan to suit your current financial situation and your goals. 

Do I need a property investment planner, investment advisor or accountant?

It is good to have a property investment planner, investment advisor or accountant to give you professional advice on navigating your finances. You’re welcome to find a professional in your own networks, or ask Hickinbotham to put you in touch with their go-to finance professionals at KeyStart Construction Finance.

Can I use equity from my current home to invest in another property?

Yes. Using the equity from a home that you already own may mean that you won’t need a deposit to fund the purchase of your investment property. Instead, your existing home’s equity may be used.

Your equity – the difference between your home’s market value and the balance of your mortgage – is likely to have increased over the years you’ve owned your home.

Contact us to discuss how you can use equity on your current home to invest property.

What is negative gearing and how can I use it?

Negative gearing is when the cost of owning your rental property is more than the income it generates each year. This means your property becomes a taxable loss, which can then often be offset against your other income streams, like your salary. This can mean significant tax savings for you.

Conversely, positive gearing means your property generates income that exceeds the costs of your property and other possible deductions. This means you may need to pay additional tax on your investment property.


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